Jane Potter, RT(R), MR

University of New Mexico Hospital
Albuquerque, NM

MagnaWand has made a huge difference in our MRI practice.

Working in a large, county hospital which is also the regional Level 1 trauma center, we see all sorts of patients with a huge variety of pathology and pathogens present on and in their bodies. We have been using the MagnaWand for the past year since we learned from one of our epidemiologist how long antibiotic resistant infections, such as MRSA, can survive on surfaces such as the MRI scanner. Patient safety is of utmost concern to us. We did not want to spread germs from one patient to another. By using the MagnaWand, combined with the proper cleaning spray, we can now clean our bore out quickly and easily between scans, killing bacteria and viruses. It is so quick to use the MagnaWand that even in our very busy facility our throughput is not affected negatively and our patient's safety is assured.

The MagnaWand is so simple and easy to use. The pad is snapped onto the wand, the pad is saturated with the cleaning fluid, the sponge retains the fluid and the long wand allows you to clean the entire magnet bore in minutes. No need to try to crawl into the bore or miss spots you cannot reach by hand. What a great invention! We were very happy with our "original" MagnaWand, but the manufacturer, not satisfied with "good enough," improved the device recently. Now the pad can be easily snapped off the handle and into the trash when cleaning is done. No need to touch the used pad.

I cannot say enough positive about the MagnaWand. Every MRI facility should be using this product if they want to ensure their patient's safety.

Thank you from our entire staff!

Jane Potter, RT(R) (MR) AS, BFA

Radiology Educator
University of New Mexico Hospital

I just wanted to let you know I used the new wand last week on our magnet and it worked really well. The pad stayed on nicely and then clicked right off with a pull of the handle. Thank you so much for sending us the two wands and pads. They make cleaning the magnet so much easier! We should be ordering some new pads shortly.

Thank you, again!

Christine Harris.

Radiology Manager
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia...

"We as MRI technologist have long awaited such a device. In the past in order for us to do any cleaning within the magnet bore we needed to climb in the bore to perform any cleaning. The invention of MagnaWand has now provided us with a safer and cleaner environment not only for us as technologists, but most importantly our patients. As a test site, magnawand has provided us with a form of mild cleaning and disinfection between our outline cleanings. Its ease of use ensures that we could clean in between each patient, to ensure that they start their exam in a cleaner environment. With changes in JACHO requirements we feel confident that we are meeting these standards."

Louise F. Metz.

Director of Operations Medical Imaging Associates MRI Services

"We were recently given the opportunity to test MagnaWand. It makes disinfecting the magnet bore a much easier task for our technologists. The design of the wand helps to reach all areas inside the equipment without entering the tube yourself. I like how the disposable pads smoothly release into the trash can so you don't touch the dirty pad. Its a great product!"

John Basile

Administrative Director of Radiology
CareMount Medical

“The MagnaWand is a well thought out design that has been implemented into our workflows seamlessly. Both techs and patients have expressed appreciation for its presence in today’s demanding safety environment. Easy to deploy and easy to use. A major plus in our continuing to advance our safety protocols.”

Linda Varnis, RT (R )(MR), MRSO(MRSC™)

MRI Manager
Lehigh Valley Imaging
Imaging Services – MRI
1220 South Cedar Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18103

"The Magnawand is a very useful additional tool in our daily workflow, and we have one on every magnet in our busy multi-magnet MRI department. They are lightweight, easy to use, ergonomic, and reach far into the bore. No more reaching into a contaminated bore, and getting dizzy from the magnetic field. It is a great tool for quickly sanitizing the inside of the magnet especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. We feel like we are delivering better patient care, because we have this useful tool to sanitize the bore."

Lyndsi Gulak, BSHA, MBA

Executive Director
Jefferson Imaging
800 West State Street, Suite 203
Doylestown, PA 18901

"We love using Magnawand. It is fantastic! It's so easy to use and you do not have to bend over or lean into the bore to clean. We give it 5 stars!"