A non-magnetic tool designed and patented specifically to clean and disinfect MRI and CAT scan machines. Finally, Hospitals will be able to easily clean between patients without losing valuable scanning time. Patent number US 7,904,987 B2

The MagnaWand tool reaches inside the MRI magnet bore or CAT scan gantry to clean and disinfect those difficult to reach places in seconds.

Magnawand's specifically designed disposable pads can be used with any spray disinfectant or cleaning solution.

Once the area of interest has been cleaned and disinfected, simply eject the disposable pad without touching it with your hands, eliminating the risk of further contamination.

The MagnaWand tool is a dynamic idea intended to make the radiology areas safer, cleaner and more enjoyable environment to work and stay in. Initially designed to be used exclusively in the MRI bore and PET scanner tunnel, it is also recommended for CAT scanner areas, X RAY units, or any radiology equipment where patients are scanned routinely every day.

The MagnaWand disposable is for mild cleaning and disinfecting. If an area is suspected of heavy dirt and excessive blood where the possibility of strong bacteria contamination is suspected a cleaning company should be used.

How to use the MagnaWand tool

  •   Attach the disposable to the tool by aligning the MW logo of the disposable with the MagnaWandTM logo of the tool, make sure your fingers hold tightly onto the plastic portion of the disposable, until a snap/click is felt or heard, as in picture to the right.

  •   Apply a generous amount of Aerosol or any cleaner or any disinfectant to the MW disposable sponge side.

  •   Start cleaning the inside of the magnet in a circular or straight motion as desired. Apply more disinfectant as needed. You can clean any other areas as needed in the same fashion.

  •   Once the intended area has been cleaned and disinfected, detach the disposable MW from the tool by holding the tool with one hand in the middle and with the other hand sliding the sleeve forward. The disposable MW will eject forward into a garbage can or any other area intended to be discarded waste.

The Wand is very light (weighs about 8 ounces 36 inches long), durable and designed to reach well inside the magnet bore CAT scan gantry or PET tunnel. Each MagnaWand cleaning pad weighs 1 ounce and 4 x 5 inches.


MagnaWand tool and its disposables are intended for light cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Any other use is to be avoided.

MagnaWand tool and its disposables are not intended for heavy scrubbing or to be used in rough edged areas and surfaces.

MagnaWand recommends the use of exam gloves when cleaning and disinfecting.

Ideal for use in all healthcare settings where a surface disinfectant is needed

Two Minute contact time

Broad spectrum against gram positive, gram-bacteria, non-enveloped and enveloped viruses, fungicidal, and tuberculocidal

Contains 21% Isopropyl Alcohol with a Quaterny Ammonia blend

Safe on Surfaces – compatible with clinical surfaces, including vinyl and clear plastic

Excellent Cleaner – Low alcohol formula won’t fix blood to surfaces

Safety Data Sheet

MagnaWand Fact Sheet

How to use Instructions

Safety Data Sheet