MagnaWand vision is to provide radiology departments with better options and solutions to control bacteria infections in their radiological units. We are driven to provide high quality products and standards beyond customer and industry expectations.


MagnaWand is proud to introduce one of the most innovative products in the industry. The Wand is intended to clean the MRI magnet bore, around the gantry of the CAT scanner or the tunnel of the PET unit. The patented design is intended to eject the disposable without ever touching the disposable, after used.

Its unique design allows to be used inside ANY MRI machine as it is completely NON-MAGNETIC. The Wand is very light, durable, rich looking and designed to reach into those difficult to reach places inside any MRI magnet bore. With the Wand any MRI system can be cleaned from the front or the back of the magnet. It can also be used to clean the MRI surface coils like the head coil, lumbar coils etc. or the MRI, CAT scan table, or any area where patients are in contact on a regular basis.

The Wand comes with a unique disposable assembly that is designed to adapt and clean in a circular or straight line. The disposable is intended to be soaked with any approved aerosol disinfectant. Once the area of interest has been cleaned and disinfected simply discard the disposable onto a waste basket by ejecting it WITHOUT touching the disposable with your hands.


Antonio Bayon, President
BS, MBA Temple University.
20 years experience in MRI service, sales and Management
Contact: 1-215-880-3382
Fax number : 1-866-725-5879